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instruct patients to store bupropion at room temperature, between 68 f and 77 f 20 c to 25 c and keep the tablets Cheap dry and out of the light.


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bupropion and its metabolites are cyp2d6 Cheap inhibitors.

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nonetheless, evidence from single dose trials does suggest that the recommended daily dosage of bupropion when administered orally in divided doses is not likely Cheap to be significantly reinforcing to amphetamine or cns stimulant abusers.

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, cimetidine, escitalopram, erythromycin, paroxetine, bupropion, fluoxetine, quinidine, duloxetine, terbinafine, or sertraline can increase Order clozaril levels and lead to adverse reactions.

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the maximum daily dose of bupropion is 450 mg, but reported cases of abuse have involved ingesting from 600 mg Order 8 to 1200 mg of the drug 2.

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