Team Works Production services was founded in 2000. Initially focused on TV Commercials and still photos, it soon expanded to TV programs, feature films and content. Our latest move, in 2020, is an Artists representation department, with photographers and directors.

We operate in Spain and Portugal, complying with health and safety at work, insurance coverage, image rights and official permits, making sure our clients are safe. Our rules are:

– Transparency. No over-promising when budgeting, we do not lower the bid price or intentionally miss things that are needed. We prefer to lose a bid rather than putting our client in a difficult situation. From the 1st cost estimate, we can start adjusting together.

– Always “on the ball” when things change , giving fast info to the client, so they know how the changes will affect the budget and they can make an informed decision. That includes being honest when things go wrong, to find a solution together.

– Detailed and transparent breakdown of the budgets, so we can identify things that are not needed and cut them off. Producers need detailed breakdowns to understand what they can reduce to match their clients’ budgets, and get more chances to go ahead with the project.

– We are not black & white when following a brief, we try to think about alternatives to make the production smoother with a similar result, rather than just adding whatever is requested no matter the cost. We care about costs, the producers pay us for that.

– Flexibility. Not only big campaigns, even a content project is also important for us

– Integrity. We adjust the final costs with all possible savings. Approving a budget does not mean that you will have to spend everything you confirmed at the beginning.

Exec. Producer

Victor Minguez

(+34) 699 903 344

Local Producer

MJ (Maria Jesus)

(+34) 917 229 150

Collaborator Producer

Paul Baboudjian

(+34) 675 431 903

Production Coordinator

Ana Sanchez

(+34) 917 229 150


Patricia Aguado

(+34) 917 229 150

Main office Madrid

VAT. ES83325753

(+34) 917 229 150