Heroes Agency (Martin&Ludo)

Advertising - Architecture & Interiors

Advertising - Still Life & Pack Shots

Advertising - Food & Drinks

Ludic Magnons. Born in France, he studied in the USA where he obtained a Bachelor of Art at the university College of San Francisco. He works in various photographic studios in California and the Netherlands before settling in Madrid.
He currently specializes in architecture, interior design, products and gastronomy photography
Martin Mendez. Born in Argentina where he studies literature and cinema at the National University of La Plata. He then carries out training in advertising still life and portraiture photography in Ricardo Sanguinetti’s studio.
In 2006 he settles in Madrid where he expands his professional experience shooting assignments for clients in major European cities.

In 2008 Ludovic and Martin begin working collaboratively. As a result they decide to found their actual company, WE ARE HEROES, and continue to work as a team to this day, offering their services both nationally and internationally.
Some of their featured clients are: NIKE, C&A, MARRIOTT, TANQUERAY, CîROC, BRUGAL, J&B, ZACAPA, IMPACT HUB, among others.